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Company History

Jackson's of Silsden is a family business founded by Thomas Jackson in 1904 and is now owned and operated by the third and fourth generation of his family. From the outset the company, then known as Jackson's Motor Services, supplied horse drawn vehicles for weddings, funerals, taxi's and light haulage. 

Shortly before the outbreak of the second world war Thomas relocated the business to New Close Garage, St Johns Street, Silsden after purchasing the property from the Skipton Castle estate. Around this time the company fleet was motorised for the first time, expanding the area over which the company could operate. The company continued to operate from New Close until August 2004 when it relocated to new premises at

Throughout the sixties and seventies the company continued to expand, adding mini-coaches to its fleet and entering the car and van hire market, firstly with Martins Car Hire and then even more successfully with Budget Rent a Car, eventually owning offices in Silsden, Skipton, Keighley, Harrogate, Ripon and York, with over 300 car's and van's on fleet. 

In 1988 following the sale of the car hire side of the business the company was reformed as Jackson's of Silsden (1988) Ltd and attention was redirected back to the core operation of the company.

Expansion to the mini-coach side of the business and the purchase of two local funeral directing businesses has allowed us to continue to provide a mix of traditional family values, modern efficiency and quality of service to all our customer's. 


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